The themes of darkness and light in the crucible by arthur miller and that eye the sky by tim winton

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I mean, Edith Wharton has written so much better. Prompt Delivery All papers are delivered on time, even if your deadline is tight.

I also think To Kill a Mockingbird has too many subtle points and details to be taught and tested in a classroom. I think Wharton portrayed well the dire emotions of being stuck in a dreadful relationship while not being able to do much about it.

Admittedly, it was only a pseudo-book that was supposed to give us the impression that we were actually reading proper books in English now and to make us learn some useful vocabulary, but it had the potential to make people never touch a book again, anyway.

I loved to read but we didn't have much money so books were few and far between. It was probably great and edgy for it's time but far outdated now.

I liked The Pearl too, but I'm one of the few who likes Steinbeck. Though it isn't high school, my 8th grade English teacher also made us read The Pigman.

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I'm done with it. During Junior year my English teacher really did try something different, but thinking about it, it really wasn't all that of a new idea, since it fell into the same trap of "adolescents love reading about depressed adolescents" that most school lit seems to fall into: Old Man and the Sea I recall as having been a real yawner.

May 11,2: I didn't see it mentioned, but I could have done without any Flannery O'Connor. Don't waste your time and order our essay writing service today.

I guess I'm in the minority with this one, but I actually liked The Scarlet LetterI didn't find it as hard to get into once I started. I also had to read The lord of the flies and really loved it - Ilove the scene where beezlabub is talking to Simon - still sends shivers - havent read that book since 9th grade.

It always seems like the real, interesting story starts with their travel there, but after 39 pages of conflict with all sorts of people from the government that prevented them from going at first, the book ends.

I was stuck ploughing through another William shakespeare play and would have swapped pretty much anything to have read Wizard. I avoided it, faking my way through as the book was so awful. Maybe it was supposed to be a lesson in itself - stop griping kids, you could always be dying of a brain tumor.

We do not share any of your information to anyone. Whilst they aren't on my list of alltime greats, they are definitely worthwhile books. Scarlett Letter on the other hand I avoided finishing in both HS and in a college course.

I agree with the depressed book thing teachers seem to have it's international. What a painful read. Customer Ordering an essay from EssayErudite. Many have told me they feel I would have a greater appreciation for the works - but I don't want to "have an appreciation" I want to enjoy books.

I like to complain about it, too, though I probably shouldn't because I do enjoy reading depressing books in my free time. I'd always lived in black neighborhoods, gone to black schools and churches but had never considered why. All I could think was "please don't let my life turn out like that Conversely, there are other books that should only be read in high school.

And let's face facts, most books used in high schools aren't chosen because they are interesting or because they inspire a large percentage of the students to read.

I liked Ethan Frome when I was a teenager but I found it more of a horror novel - that's why I liked it.

Midnight fox I think also. Black Ice Granted, it did deal with some of the things I had to deal with in real life, but overwhelmingly, I couldn't relate to a poor black girl who gets a scholarship to a ritzy boarding school and then proceeds to get utterly screwed both figuratively and literally - what a depressing scene.

It's about some Native Americans and someone dies and they want to go to the place they originally lived at to bury him there.

How can I forget that monstrosity. I felt that their lives were filled with such desperation and misery. We guarantee the authenticity of your paper, whether it's an essay or a dissertation. I'm not even gonna give that a second chance.

I couldn't believe anyone would print it and think they'd actually turn a profit. May 11. The Crucible, Arthur Miller The Crucible: A Play in Four Acts (Penguin Modern Classics) by Arthur Miller The Crucible - "Using the historical subject of the Salem Witch trials, Arthur Miller's play The Crucible presents an allegory for events in contemporary America.

The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Book Review of That Eye, The Sky by Tim Winton - I have chosen to read the book “That Eye, The Sky” by Tim Winton. The front cover isn’t very appealing- it has a picture of a house in the outback, with the night-sky covering it. In Cloudstreet by Tim Winton, one of the most prominent of these devices is symbolism, which plays upon the aesthetic sensibilities harboured by the text's audience and provides insight and deeper understanding to the themes of the novel.

Arthur Millers play the Crucible was published in the s during the depression years reflects the way he wrote the novel. He has chosen to write the text in relation to darkness.

The Themes of Darkness and Light in The Crucible by Arthur Miller and That Eye, the Sky by Tim Winton PAGES 3. WORDS 1, View Full Essay.

Books to be struck from HS reading lists!

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The themes of darkness and light in the crucible by arthur miller and that eye the sky by tim winton
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