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Here volcanic eruptions are primarily caused due to collision of American and Pacific plates and due to subduction of Pacific plate below the Asiatic plate. Mid-Atlantic belt includes the volcanoes mainly along the mid-Atlantic ridge which represents the splitting zone of plates.

The intermittent eruptions continued upto December 21,when the volcano became dormant. Thus, on the basis of the nature and intensity of eruptions volcanoes are divided into two types e. A third category of environmental hazard has been increasingly employed to describe events with the potential for catastrophic impact on the global environment.

A few of the severe damages wrought by volcanic eruptions may be summarized as given below: The lavas are so viscous and pasty that these are quickly solidified and hardened between two eruptions and thus they crust over plug the volcanic vents. In fact, volcanic eruptions are very closely associated with the plate boundaries.

Natural hazards are elements of circumstances in the natural environment that have the potential to cause harm to people or property or both.

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The enlarged form of the volcanic vent is known as volcanic crater and caldera. Lava flow is divided into two types on the basis of Hawaiin language e. Social scientists using a human ecology framework began to investigate disaster prevention and the mitigation of its consequences. These are also known as tephra which means ash.

These are more or less similar to Vulcanian and Strombolian type of volcanoes, the difference lies only in the intensity of expulsion of lavas and gases. This example Environmental Hazards Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only.

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Destructive or convergent plate boundaries are associated with explosive type of volcanic eruptions. The least vulnerable are those with the greatest access to financial, technological, and informational resources.

White, who argued that disasters cannot be understood in isolation from human society. They can be man made or naturally occurring in our environment. The Laki fissure eruption of A.

Our understanding of tectonic hazards has increased enormously with the development of plate tectonic theory. You can imagine the chaos if one of the largest bushfires on Australian history was ten times bigger.

Volcanoes are also associated with the meeting zones of the continents and oceans. The disastrous cyclones occur every five years.

Destructive or convergent plate boundaries are associated with explosive type of volcanic eruptions. Such volcanoes erupt quietly due to less viscous lavas and non-violent nature of gases.

In other words, two plates diverge in opposite directions from the mid-oceanic ridge. The first Yellowstone supervolcanic eruption 2. Environmental Hazards Essay An environmental hazard is a threat posed by the natural or built environment to humans and the things that are valued in human society.

An environmental hazard becomes a disaster when the threat is realized and causes significant human loss. Free Essay: Hazards are possible sources of danger. Types of hazards are those such as hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

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A cause is what makes. Natural Hazards Essay Sample. the degree of hazard posed may depend as much on the nature of society as on the nature of the hazard. An essay on the causes of hazards needs to take account of the social, cultural and economic causes as well as the physical causes.

geologic (especially seismic and volcanic), and wildfire phenomena that. The heavy rainfall, associated with volcanic eruptions, mixing with falling volcanic dusts and ashes causes enormous mudflow or ‘lahar’ on the steep slopes of volcanic cones which causes sudden deaths of human beings.

Natural Hazards Center - The Natural Hazards Center (NHC), in the Institute of Behavioral Science, at the University of Colorado, Boulder, was established in to enhance and contribute to the knowledge base of the then young, academic field of disaster research and. Hazards are possible sources of danger.

Types of hazards are those such as hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. A cause is what makes something happen and is a reason for it happening. The two types of hazards I will be outlining the causes for are hurricanes and earthquakes.

A hurricane.

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