Is the confederate flag a symbol

But insisting on that nomenclature is like arguing that the lowest denomination of U. Popularity outside the southern U. A century and a half ago, our nation faced a civil war. Gray proposed the amendment that gave the flag its white field. He argued that the battle flag must be used, but for a national flag it was necessary to emblazon it, but as simply as possible, with a plain white field.

The confederate flag is affiliated with the confederacy, when the Unites States was active in slavery. The fact that the Confederate battle flag was never the official national flag of the Confederacy is a technical historical aspect which is of little import today — that flag was nevertheless used by officially sanctioned Army and Navy units that fought in the service of the Confederate government, its Southern Cross design was incorporated into the Confederate national flag, and that banner was popularly recognized and regarded at the time as a symbol of the Confederate nation by the people who lived there.

Alabama's coat of arms displays the Confederate battle flag. Some groups use the "southern cross" as one of the symbols associated with their organizations, including groups such as the Ku Klux Klan. Second Confederate national flag: The colours and symbols of the U. Gray proposed the amendment that gave the flag its white field.

The southern states secession forced the war on Our nation in order to free the human beings who were being treated worse than dogs by greedy, wealthy, murderous plantation owners.

As the petition creator, Karen Hunter, explains: It was visible for miles and was taken down after three days on the orders of General Simon B. Canada's The Flag Shop also decided to stop selling the Confederate flag.

No, You Need a History Lesson: The Confederate Flag Is a Symbol of Hate

These laws, combined with poll taxesliteracy testsand extrajudicial violence such as lynchingsdisenfranchised African American voters for the next several decades. That new flag consisted of a white field with a union in the upper left identical to the by then popular square battle flag used by the Army of Northern Virginia: It was manufactured out of bunting cloth just as flags are today, by the Charleston Clothing Depot.

The " Van Dorn battle flag " was also carried by Confederate troops fighting in the Trans-Mississippi and Western theaters of war.

The flag was revised 21 May to incorporate two more stars for the seceded states of Virginia and Arkansas, again on 2 July to incorporate two more stars for the seceded states of Tennessee and North Carolina, and yet again on 28 November to incorporate another two stars for the states of Kentucky and Missouri.

The second Ku Klux Klan —a group inspired by this film, was a nativist organization that flew the U. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical and moral truth The flag does NOT symbolize Slavery it Symbolize a group of people who had the guts to stand up for themselves and withdraw from the union with out any war ,but that did not set well with Lincoln.

Herein lies the problem with symbols: It was replaced with the regulation, star flag of the United States.

Who painted the Confederate flag?

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Although neither of the latter two states formally seceded from the United States nor was controlled by a Confederate-aligned government, both were represented in the Confederate Congress.

Inseven Southern states decided to secede from the Union and form the Confederate States of America. Rogers, who argued that the pure white field of the Second National flag could be mistaken as a flag of truce: The Confederate flag is a symbol of hatred -- hatred for Black Americans.

However colored participants in the poll were 32 percentage points more likely than their white neighbors to see it as a sign of racism. Revival and controversy[ edit ] See also: Thus the Army of Tennessee had adopted a Blue flag with a White Disc in the center and wide white trim and it became known as the Army of Tennessee flag.

MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. The Confederate Battle Flag represents racism today. Religious groups[ edit ] In the Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution at their annual meeting calling for Southern Baptist churches to stop displaying the Confederate flag, as a "sign of solidarity of the whole Body of Christ.

Most famously, the " Bonnie Blue Flag " was used as an unofficial flag during the early months of. Why is the Confederate flag considered racist?

Modern display of the Confederate flag

Although some take pride in its history, the battle flag also became a potent symbol of slavery and white supremacy in the United States.

Jun 24,  · The battle flag came into use inwhen Confederate Gen. P.G.T.

Flags of the Confederate States of America

Beauregard complained that the flag of the Confederacy appeared too similar to the American flag on the battlefield. The Confederate flag is one of the more common white supremacist symbols. Although still used by non-extremists, especially in the South, as a symbol of Southern heritage or history, a growing number of people recognize it as a hate symbol.

The Confederate flag is a symbol of hatred -- hatred for Black Americans. Countless times, I have been told, "If this flag offends you, you need a history lesson.". The Confederate battle flag had been added to Georgia's state flag in as a rebuke of the growing civil rights movement.

Flags of the Confederate States of America

Decades later, political pressure to remove what many considered to be. This flag must be flown on a flagpole located at a point on the south side of the Confederate Soldier Monument, centered on the monument, ten feet from the base of the monument at a height of.

Modern display of the Confederate flag Is the confederate flag a symbol
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